How to Deal with Work-related Stress as Healthcare Professionals?

The working days of physician and nurses are especially exhausting. It takes a lot of physical endurance to run in the hospital corridors and spend hours without eating or sleeping. Mental strength is also needed, as they must give their full attention to each patient, deal with extreme situations, and know-how to relate emotionally to people.

Is Your Electronic Health Record a Malpractice Risk?

A plan to introduce electronic health records (EHRs) across the country was started in 2004 by President George W. Bush to “avoid dangerous medical mistakes, reduce costs, and improve care.”  The main reason for the EHR adoption was to avoid medical errors which is a huge reason for medical malpractice claims, but in actuality the number of medical liability claims has actually risen with the EHR as a contributing factor.  A research report by The Doctors Company in 2017 showed that the number of EHR-related claims grew from only 2 claims between 2007 – 2010 to 92 claims between 2014-2016.