Medical Practice Business Owners Policy

Business owners insurance, also known as BOP insurance, is a policy that combines both property and liability coverage into one package. It’s popular among a variety of small and medium-sized businesses such as restaurants, wholesalers, retail stores and contractors.

BOPs do NOT cover professional liability, auto insurance, worker’s compensation or health and disability insurance. You'll need separate insurance policies to cover professional services, vehicles and your employees.

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Coverage Highlights for Medical Practice Business Owners Policy

California Attending Physicians Insurance Brokers specialty is Malpractice & Commercial Insurance for Physicians. But to effectively look out for the interest of our members, we provide more than just Insurance Services. Our Dedicated Specialists provides Risk Management & Business Development Services, complimentary for all of our clients.

  • Business Income which helps cover the loss of income when you’re unable to treat your patients because of covered property damage.

  • General Liability which helps protect your medical and healthcare business from certain lawsuits alleging injuries or property damage that occurred as the result of your business activities. For instance a patient is injured at your healthcare or medical facility or an employee causes damage to a patient’s property.

  • Commercial Property which helps protect the place where you do business and the tools you use to conduct your medical and healthcare practice, such as computers, medical tools, and medical equipment.

  • Accounts Receivables which helps cover the costs to recover or reconstruct accounts records that are lost or damaged by a covered loss, so businesses are able to reissue invoices and collect outstanding balances.

  • Off Premises Utility Coverage which helps cover the loss of business income if a firm is unable to conduct business because of an interruption in utility services due to a covered event.

Why do all the hard work? Our business model allows us to shop multiple insurance providers without any additional costs to you. Insurance premiums are set from the insurer with pre determined commissions to the agents. Let us work for you!