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Our access to Industry Leading Medical Malpractice Insurance and Medical Business Insurance Providers allows our members to make the best informed choice in carrier based on simple understanding of your coverage options made available by our Specialist.


Premium Savings

SAVE ON AVERAGE 40% over your tenure with our organization

We have been consistent in providing Healthcare Professionals joining our program with an average savings of 20%.  However, this can increase to over 42% over time as your policy matures. In addition, we can help save time by packaging business liabilities.


Mitigate Risks & Liabilities

Professional & General Liability Insurance for Healthcare

Insurance is our Business. Risk Management is our Expertise. As a Full Service Insurance Brokerage serving Physicians and Healthcare Professionals in California we look at the entire scope of liabilities from Medical Business Operations, Workers Comp, and More


Tailored Coverage

Designed Uniquely for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Each individual Physician and Healthcare Professionals Risk Management situation is unique in their own practice. We provide a relationship based approach to understanding the scope of your liabilities and potential risks.

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No Sales Quotas

Purely Relationship Driven Service

Purely Relationship Driven Service

We provide Risk Management Solutions to Physicians and Medical Personnel in California with the intent of following our Mission Statement and serving our Clients with the utmost intent to provide solutions to our clients potential liabilities. Our ability to understand complex liability climates and match appropriate resources through multiple channels allows us to avoid quotas required by the insurers directly.

No Company Agenda

We Create Our Own Company Agenda

We Create Our Own Company Agenda

With our vision to create a company owned by the professionals who help mitigate all your professional liabilities, it allows us to hold true to having no company agenda, but our own. Without our clients, there is no agenda to be put-forth; therefore, maintaining healthy relationships and providing growth and risk management opportunities will lead to prosperity reciprocated.

No Additional Fees

No Fees Associated with Our Services

No Fees Associated with Our Services

Our business model allows us to shop multiple insurance providers without any additional costs to you, in most normal situations. Insurance premiums are set from the insurer with pre determined commissions to the agents. Let us work for you! Why do all the hard work? Our Dedicated Specialists will discuss any potential charges with you prior to beginning our relationship.

Legal distinctions between agents & brokers

The most basic definition of an insurance agent is provided in Section 31 of the California Insurance Code, which states that an insurance agent is “a person authorized, by and on behalf of an insurer, to transact all classes of insurance other than life insurance.” [All statutory references herein are to the California Insurance Code or Title X of the California Administrative Code (the “Regulations”)]. In contrast, an insurance broker, is defined by Section 33, is “a person who, for compensation and on behalf of another person, transacts insurance other than life with, but not on behalf of, an insurer.” These statutory sections explain that at the most fundamental level, agents transact on behalf of the insurer while brokers transact on behalf of the insured.

MY dedicated specialist, CA Licensed Property & Casualty Agent/Broker

Your Dedicated Specialist is Commercial Lines Malpractice Professional Insurance Broker serving the State of California. We have been chosen from the highest pedigree of industry professionals to explore and promote the most COMPREHENSIVE Liability Coverages for your practice. Our Specialists understand each individual in the Medical Profession is going to demand specific needs and can adapt to provide a custom streamlined solutions in providing excellence in coverage. View our Mission Statement, Visions, and Values Here.

What this means for our clients

Being a True Broker, we have no direct link to the sales and production quotas of big insurance companies. That means that there is no ethical dilemma with everyday tasks and it holds our code of conduct true. To put our clients needs before any of our own or company. It also means we are not pressured on a day-to-day basis for quota and to meet corporate agendas. We have the ability to work solely for our clients to provide the most comprehensive solutions and manage risks so that our clients may have Peace of Mind.