Save at Least 10% On Any Tail Quote and possible financing options to Make Tail Insurance Afforadble


Healthcare Insurance Agency Expertise and Creative Insight for Proper Coverage


Comprehensive Understanding of The Potential Risks and Analysis of Costs

ERP (Tail) Coverage Insurance

Providing Comprehensive Malpractice Tail Insurance to Physicians & Healthcare Providers in California, Arizona & Nevada

√ Physicians and Surgeons
√ Allied & Advanced Healthcare Providers
√ Not Necessary for Any Policy Written as Occurence Form
√ Often Creative Ways to Get Around Purchasing Tail Coverage
√ Typically Paid In Full and Can Range from 100% - 500% of the Expiring Policy’s Premium

When Would I Need Tail?

Understanding the correct requirements for the requirements of tail to protect your liabilities is fundamental

√ Leaving Current or Past Employer
√ Gap in Coverage in Respect to Time Not Covered
√ Medical Professional Liability Policy Cancellation
√ Changing Medical Designations and Specialty
√ Changing from Claims Made Policy Form to Occurence Made Policy Form, but Not Vice Versa
√ Retirement or End of Medical Career

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We have a hassle & obligation free code of conduct - As we work for the Physicians and not the Insurance Company, we don’t have demanding quotas to be met or corporate agenda. It’s the opportunity for OUR agents to provide exceptional service in your risk management and mitigation.

The Insurance Company Standard

Only the Best of Carriers with Strong Financial Strengths & Defense Programs

We look for only the best in the Insurance Companies and Medical Malpractice Coverage Providers when connecting to the available market of carriers.

The Brokerage Service Standard

We Work For Our Clients, Not the Insurance Companies

Our business model allows us to shop multiple insurance providers without any additional costs to you. Insurance premiums are set from the insurer with pre determined commissions to the agents. Let us work for you!

Main & Supplemental Benefits from the Carrier

We Plan Risk Management BAsed ON Benefits Provided by Each Individual Carrier, Tailored To Fit Your Practice & Retirement

√ Outside Limits Defense Coverage
√ Claims Defense Coverage with Winning Defense Teams
√ Free Tail Coverage to Protect Your Liabilities After Retirement
√ Pure Consent to Settle Allowing You to Make Decisions
√ Complimentary Cyber Liability Protection, Administrative Defense, Free Core Risk Management Seminars

Service Expectation from Our Brokerage

We Are a Relationship based Brokerage. Serving the Needs of More than Just Insurance. See some of the Additional Benefits you Receive

√ Full Service Brokerage Firm for Medical & Business Liability Insurance
√ Yearly Service Schedule Promise to Review Claims and Coverage
√ Easy Financing with Flexible Down Payments and Terms
√ Complimentary Member Benefits to Help You & Your Practice Succeed
√ Employment Placement and Career Advancement Programs

What do I need To Get Started?

We will need a couple documents for us to get started. Your medical Board License, curriculum vitae, and if applicable, your current Certificate of Insurance. We will take care of your Loss Runs. Fill out the form and a representative will contact you within 10 minutes, during regular business hours, or text us! Or get started by downloading our Checklist & Broker of Record Here.