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Our Mission Statement

- Your Peace of Mind at our Foundation, with Honesty, Integrity, & Expertise

California Attending Physicians Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our clients with absolute expertise regarding Professional Liability Insurance and Long-Term Risk Management.  In pursuit of this mission, we promise to have the client’s best interest first, hold integrity in the services & products we market, and excel in the required and supplemental educational requirements as your expert for Peace of Mind.  We aim to be a company owned by the employees, to empower our personnel to excel in their practice and promote accountability in our choices.

Engage your Professional Liability


CAP Malpractice is the leader in providing Medical Professional Liability Malpractice Insurance to physicians in the State of California. As an Agency, we work for our clients and provide numerous solutions by AM Best Rated Insurance Companies to protect risk from past, current & future liabilities.

California Attending Physicians has the advantage of comparing numerous products offered by insurance companies to bring our members a plan that offers superior coverage at the lowest premiums available to them. We introduce our members to companies that are respected, hold strong financial positions, and exhibit exceptional operating performance. Our insurance services extend to Life, Health, Workers Compensation, Disability and cost effective bundle packages.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Specialist

California Attending Physicians is a agency that has been successfully meeting physician’s insurance needs with pride and confidence for more than 30 years. We are dedicated to providing our clients with top quality professional liability insurance at the lowest premiums. We strive to earn our business by providing our physicians with extraordinary services and the best products possible, both in terms of benefits and competitive pricing.

We specialize in providing Professional Liability Coverage to thousands of physicians and numerous hospitals, IPA’s and Medical groups. California Attending Physicians ranks as one of the top regional brokers in the healthcare industry. 

California Attending Physicians Malpractice Insurance Brokerage Values

√ Expert analysis of markets and risk products to enhance the value in our services and fully understanding the explanation of benefits.

√ Education as a primary focus to continue our personal & company growth and adapt to changing markets and risks.

√ Place our clients interest of risk management before any personal interests with integrity & transparency

√ Provide services and education to our clients beyond insurance services, to provide support in growth of their own ventures and guidance in risk management in all facets of our clients’ professional services.

√ Provide our employees the opportunity for ownership and tandem growth of the company.

California Attending Physicians Malpractice Insurance Brokerage Vision

√ Our vision is to be a top-rated, Best Practices Award Agency within the next 10 years of doing business.

√ Our vision is to be top-rated in California providing specifically Medical Malpractice Insurance and supplementary coverages for Physicians.

√ Our vision is to reduce risks exposures by education and advisement services to our clients and provide extensive knowledge of the products and services for their practice.

√ Our vision is to employ personnel, who through sweat, equity, and departmental growth of the company, can take ownership stake in the company.