Employee Practices Liability Insurance

The fact is, Your employee can cost more than just payroll

According to the *2017 Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits, California is at 46% increase than the national average in an employment charge filed against them. Employment Practices Liability can arise in every type of organization, without regard to size or structure. With multi-million dollar settlements that continue to headlines hundreds of companies are faces with employment issues daily.

California Attending Physicians encompasses a Physician’s Risk Management all into one package, when available. With the same amount of tools available to search and mitigate risks for Employee Practices, our Dedicated Specialists can guide you in the appropriate assessment to protect your assets and investments.

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Why do all the hard work? Our business model allows us to shop multiple insurance providers without any additional costs to you. Insurance premiums are set from the insurer with pre determined commissions to the agents. Let us work for you!

What does employment practices liability insurance for physicians cover?

At any time, any day, an employee can turn for good or ill-advised reasons, on their employer. Accusing leaders and owners of discrimination, breach of contract, wrongful discipline, failure to grant tenure, defamation-humiliation, civil rights and more. For the Physician-Business Owner/Operator, this means walking on a thin line and self-insuring if adequate coverage is not provided.

“ Retaliation was the most prevalent charge category, named in nearly half of all charges. In many cases, more than one category was cited. “ - 2017 Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits*

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What happens if someone files a claim or suit?

Physicians in California who only have Malpractice Insurance are not covered by this policy. An Employment Practice Liability Policy specifically designed for the Physician-Business Owner/Operator will protect you in judgements, back pay, punitive & exemplary damages, full prior acts, & choice of counsel options.

With additional coverage options such as Third Part Coverage, FLSA Violation Claim Defense Expenses, & Regulatory Immigration Investigation Claim Defense Expenses available.

So does the employment practices liability policy cover just the physician?

The Policy will cover the Directors, Officers & Employees, Former Employees, Temporary Employees, Partners, Spouses, Independent Contractors and Volunteers. And of course, the Physician.

Without employment practices liability insurance, you would face an average $160,000 payment for defense and settlement charges.

Member Benefits regarding employee practices

California Attending Physicians Insurance Brokers specialty is Malpractice & Commercial Insurance for Physicians. But to effectively look out for the interest of our members, we provide more than just Insurance Services. Our Dedicated Specialists provides Risk Management & Business Development Services, complimentary for all of our clients.

This means our clients have the opportunity for us to overview the day-to-day operations of your organization, offering guidance and tools such as employee manuals, employee contracts, process and procedure building. We also analyze the risk based on our Physicians Org Assessment, by analyzing current workflows and security procedures and provide guidance and tools in how to mitigate the potential risk to you and your organization.


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