Top 10 Apps or Websites to Improve Physicians Productivity

Written by Stephen Lim Lic # 0M66738

Medicine has gained considerably from technology. In the last decades, it has drastically changed the patient-doctor relationship and the way doctors work daily. Telemedicine, for example, connects patients with their specialist remotely, without the need to go to a hospital. On the other hand, many digital platforms help physicians identify symptoms or choose the best medication.

There are many tools that you can have on your phone to support your efficiency in the clinic. Here’s our Top 10 apps or websites made especially for avant-garde physicians:

10. Everseat (Official Website)

Ideal for doctors who wish to schedule appointments in their private practices, Everseat allows them to announce when they have places to receive patients depending on their availability. Hospitals and clinics can also make use of this app by registering their schedules online so that anyone needing medical services can be seen at the right time. 

9. Burnout Proof (App Store)

You had a bad day at the hospital, and you feel like you're about to crash? This medical app offers thousands of tips and exercises for coping with burnout syndrome in and out of the clinic. You will be able to access videos, audio recordings, and online articles made by doctors for doctors. The interface is quite simple and easy to use, even if you have several days without sleep. Although it's not the most attractive app in our top 10, it can be useful.

8. AmWell (Official Website)

AmWell allows patients to make virtual medical consultations 24/7 whenever they are. It connects patients to specialists such as pediatricians, cardiologists, dermatologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, among others. The database lists the doctors ready to attend according to their fees, so once the patient pays, the system starts the call. 

7. The Skyscape Medical Resources App (Official Website)

Skycape is like a digital library full of research, papers, journals, guides, and other information resources signed by trusted sources worldwide. You will be aware of everything that is discussed and applied in the medical industry. While designed to help medical and nursing students, it is a good support for doctors who want to corroborate their diagnosis or keep up with trends in medical practice. 

6. AskMD (Google Play | App Store)

This digital platform is designed to bring patients closer to the most appropriate specialists according to their symptoms. Patients should enter their personal data, symptoms, medications, insurance, among other relevant info. The online database classifies the patient's case and guides them momentarily by listing the possible doctors in their area who can treat them (all according to their medical insurance, mobility possibilities, among others). 

Likewise, health professionals receive the medical records of their potential patients before the first consultation. Great, isn't it?

5. Doximity (Official Website)

Known as Facebook for doctors, Doximity fosters communication between health professionals by helping to connect specialists from around the world. Not only will you be able to share tips on professional practices, but you will also find job opportunities and publications with up-to-date information from laboratories, hospitals, and researchers.

4. CareZone (Official Website)

With CareZone, you no longer have to worry about endless files of medical records. Each patient can have a copy of his or her history, including the doctor's visit schedule, diagnosis, and recommended treatment. 

Just log in and link the data, as a doctor, you can even leave a guide with personalized recommendations, as the case may be. As a patients, CareZone allows you to record reminders days before the doctor's visit and set alarms so you don't forget the medication. Best of all, it even has an online delivery pharmacy service!

3. HealthLoop (Official Website)

HealthLoop is an excellent tool to keep in touch with your patients without seeing them every day in the waiting room. This medical website is perfect for patients with reduced mobility such as the elderly or disabled, and for young people who do not like to go to the doctor constantly. 

With it, schedule daily reminders so that your patients follow their treatment and don't forget when it's their turn to check in with you. Order their medical history, so you don't miss a thing. Share a post that complements your indications and recommendations. Contact them immediately in case they need assistance. All-in-one app!

2. Figure 1 (Official Website | Google Play | App Store)

Don't be fooled by its clean and simple design. In it, you will be able to share a particular clinical case (always with the patient's permission) and receive feedback from other specialists or publish your impressions about any new developments in the field of medicine. 

Figure 1 works as a platform for exchanging diagnoses and experiences between doctors, but also as an online encyclopedia, as you will be able to access scientific research signed by renowned doctors.

  1. Epocrates (Official Websites | Google Play | App Store)

More than one million users worldwide use Epocrates to exchange medical opinions and access up-to-date information on diseases, medications, and professional practices.

Unlike similar digital platforms, this one allows you to record patient symptoms and conditions to support yourself with other physicians before making a diagnosis. The app also has a constantly updated database that guides you on dosage, effectiveness and side effects for each drug. 

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