California Attending Physicians Member Benefits

California Attending Physicians Insurance Brokers specialty is Malpractice & Commercial Insurance for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals. But to effectively look out for the interest of our members, we provide more than just Insurance Services. Our Dedicated Specialists provides Risk Management & Business Development Services, all complimentary for all of our clients.


Full Spectrum Healthcare Agency

A Comprehensive Overview of All the Available Markets & Coverage Providers for Medical Malpractice Protection & Medical Business Liability Insurance

Review a comprehensive portfolio of all your options by searching only the Best Rated, Financially Stable and Competitive Coverage Offerings for Medical Malpractice Insurance & Medical Business providers.  California Attending Physicians provides guidance in understanding your coverage options while also providing financing services and competitive value-based customer service commitments to our clients. We focus on long-term development and proper placement through your career while providing adjustments if needed and/or necessary.

Medical Practice Risk Management (MPRM)

Medical Practice Risk Management Analysis & Implementation Identifying the Goals & Root Causes, Creating & Analyzing Controls from Empirical Data and Understanding the Scope.

Identify the root causes of past, current and future risks associated with your Medical Practice or Facility. With the ability to integrate into our MPRM system we are able to case root causes, provide an analysis with recommended controls, and implement, with empirical analytics, charts of inefficiencies and target high priority risks. Understanding the bottom & top line of the businesses risk exposures allows the Healthcare organization to acquire a comprehensive understanding of potential liabilities but also highlights your mitigation process to the liability coverage providers in your risk management portfolio.


HIPAA Compliance Support

Implementation to Support – Protect PHI, Abide by the Rules, Prevent Liabilities

HIPAA Compliance is vital in maintaining the longevity of the Healthcare Organization.  We aide in understanding, implementing, and supporting systems in place to understand and abide by the Privacy Rule, Security Rule and the HITECH & Omnibus Rules of HHS.  Our goal is to have full compliance for all our members with two year revisions to update for regulatory and environmental changes.


Medical Business Development Programs

Programs to Increase Revenue While Adjusting Risk Procedures by Setting Up Practice Development Systems for your Healthcare Organization or Practice

Business Development Resources & Tools such as Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Infrastructure Processes, Workflow Structures, Billing & Collections Best Practices, and more. In addition, we review any potential risks you may have in third party risks of data management & staffing PEO’s.  We verify all support with our general counsel to ensure your liabilities protectives are up-to-standard.


CME/CE Resources & Career Placement

Continued Education Resources & Scholarships with Career Placement Support for New-To-Practice & Seasoned Healthcare Professionals

Providing CME/CE Resources to continue your Healthcare Education and ACCME/AOA regulations and accomplish your credit-hours training efficiently and comfortably.  In addition, we provide aide in career placement through our vast network of recruiters and healthcare personnel while aligning your risk management program into the new practice environment.

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