California Attending Physicians Member Benefits

California Attending Physicians Insurance Brokers specialty is Malpractice & Commercial Insurance for Physicians. But to effectively look out for the interest of our members, we provide more than just Insurance Services. Our Dedicated Specialists provides Risk Management & Business Development Services, all complimentary for all of our clients.

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Continued Education & Career Placement

Supporting Changes and managing risks

Career Placement for New Physicians, out-of-work Physicians, Returning Physicians, & Circumstance Changes. We provide the resources & tools to help save money, find placement quickly, and assess potential risks from your future employer. The main reason why a Physician or Allied Professional would prefer to work somewhere else is to work better hours or achieve greater work-life balance.

All states require physicians to submit proof of successful completion of all 3 steps of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). We aid in providing New to Practice Physicians the tools necessary to complete the exam.

Business Development Programs

Medicine is your expertise. Let us provide tools and resources to run your business

Business Development Resources & Tools such as Human Resources and Sales, Marketing, and Infrastructure Process, Workflow Structure, Billing & Collections Best Practices, and more. To review any potential risks you may have in third party risks of data management.

HIPAA Compliance Programs

Promoting and Providing the tools necessary to prevent risk in your medical organization

HIPAA Compliance Programs. A HIPAA risk assessment is used to determine key risk factors–or gaps–that need remediation within your healthcare business or organization.

Members have the opportunity to utilize our complimentary Analysis & Resources to help minimize risk in your practice, office, organization, or facility. We have trained and certified counselors that will work with you and your organization to minimize risks and optimize processes for better patient outcomes, increased revenue, and less exposure to potential risks.

Obligation & Hassle Free Program Assessments

No Quotas, No Agendas. We manage your policies hassle free with no obligation

Obligation & Hassle Free Assessment of your Current Policy & cost & risk management of your Commercial Policies. Once you are a client, you will receive a comprehensive schedule of our intent to place you in admitted markets and grandfather any additional coverages you obtained from your carrier. In addition, we will proactively research current and future markets to provide you in depth overviews of your current risk portfolio, year over year.

Why do all the hard work? Our business model allows us to shop multiple insurance providers without any additional costs to you. Insurance premiums are set from the insurer with pre determined commissions to the agents. Let us work for you.

Business Development & Risk Management Tools & Resources

Having the proper process and procedures for your daily, every day tasks, to managing personnel and company files can be overwhelming and sometimes blind sighted without a second opinion. Allow us to analyze any potential risks and provide the following services, complimentary to our members.

  • Human Resource Process, Workflow and Risk Management Analysis - For example, any one of your employees who has not reviewed or been presented an employee handbook can make potential risky decision, not aligned with the organization.

  • Billing & Collections Process, Workflow and Risk Management Analysis - For example, many payers cover lab charges only when you use a certain lab. Be sure to review all the details.

  • Data & Customer Management Process , Workflow and Risk Management Analysis - For example, the old computers must be stored properly, the current client files and network management must comply with HIPAA

  • Marketing/Advertising Process, Workflow and Risk Management - For example, generate growth with the company but also filter through any risky potential clients, before they can call to action.

  • Legal Liability Process & Risk Management Analysis - For example, you are in the process of an LOI and need to review all the liabilities of the transfer or employment risks.

  • Help contact An MSO – sometimes referred to as a physician practice management company or an administrative services organization – generally refers to a business entity that provides non-clinical practice management services to a medical practice. Arrangements with MSOs typically involve the MSO performing most of the business and non-clinical functions of the medical practice, while the physicians remain in control of patient care and all clinical decision-making.

In addition to these complimentary services for your Medical Organization, we also provide quarterly Risk Assessment Reports tailored directly to your practice and liability requirements. This will overview any potential new risks and settlements pertaining to your specialty and type of practice along with any recommendations for your coverage and practice.

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